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Bob Spear

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Bob Spear, 77, of Swanton, is running as a Democratic candidate for the Maryland House of Delegates in District 1A. Spear’s campaign is based on one overriding issue: democracy!

About Bob Spear

Bob and his young family began camping in Western Maryland in 1972 and bought their home on Deep Creek Lake in 1985, where Bob and his wife Mary Helen still live year-round. They are both active in the community, serving as Mountain Hosts at Wisp, volunteering for the Garrett Lakes Arts Festival as well as the annual Art & Wine Festival, and helping to organize the Victorian Chautauqua in Mountain Lake Park. Until announcing his candidacy, Bob was also Treasurer for the Garrett County Democratic Central Committee.

A retired computer professor from Prince George’s Community College with degrees from Notre Dame, Georgetown, and George Mason universities, Spear has a long-standing interest in politics and is committed to alerting the citizens of Western Maryland to the dangers facing our democracy and what is necessary to preserve it. He recently completed the 4th edition of his political commentary, 21st Century Common Sense: A Bold Reform Agenda for our Broken, Gridlocked, Dysfunctional, and Boring Politics.

With 35 years as a college teacher and writer, Spear authored many publications on computer programming, instructional technology, distance learning, and cybersecurity. After his retirement in 2008, he was Executive Director and then Senior Advisor to National CyberWatch Center at PGCC, where he founded and chaired the only annual national academic conference on cybersecurity education in community colleges.

A world traveler, Bob has lived in Austria and Iran, has worked on education projects in Denmark, Norway, and Ethiopia, as well as USAID projects in Poland, Rwanda, South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia, and Botswana, and has visited dozens of other countries all over the globe. Always interested in politics, these experiences have informed and broadened his perspective.


Mission & Values

My mission is to preserve American democracy.

Benjamin Franklin, on leaving Independence Hall in Philadelphia after the Constitutional Convention of 1787 concluded, was approached by a lady (allegedly a Mrs. Powell of Baltimore) who asked, “Dr. Franklin, will we have a monarchy or a republic?” To which the good doctor replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Every generation of Americans is required to choose  democracy explicitly, if we are to keep it. The threats to democracy may come from secessionists at home, fascists abroad, apathy or greed, or domestic extremists. Whatever the source, the threat is real and persistent. I choose to be part of the groundswell of Americans who love our heritage of democracy and who will fight to defend it.

And that, in short, is why I am running.

The Leadership Western Maryland Needs in the House of Delegates


A Vision For The Future

One day we will again get back to normal politics, consisting of civil discourse, recognition of common problems, and debate about the wisdom of various competing solutions. We will respect our opponents, and we will not be afraid of compromie. We will fight like hell for our candidates to win, but when an election is over, we will accept the results gracefullywhether we win or lose, and we will help the winners govern effectively. We will choose our friends without the litmus test of red or blue. And on July 4, we will all stand proudly for America.


Actionable Issues

Bob supports universal and affordable healthcare, accessible mental health services, affordable housing, voting rights and civil rights, the Equal Rights Amendment, broadband for all, economic and cultural diversity, rural economic development, enhanced educational opportunities, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, affordable childcare, racial equity, and civility in politics.


Contribute to a Cause

If you agree that we can do better, that we should do better, please contribute to this campaign. We will gladly accept the help of volunteers to articulate the message, build our momentum, and attract others of every political persuasion. If you can contribute financially, we promise to use your money wisely to help build this pro-democracy movement both now in this 2022 campaign and going forward.


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Get Involved

Want to help? Send us your ideas! Let us know how you wish to be involved — organizing town halls, hosting meet-and-greets, canvassing voters, phone banking, writing to voters and organizations, fundraising — any and all of the above. 

Don’t Forget to Vote!

The general election is November 8.








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