Americans are scared to death. We are especially fearful for the safety of our kids in school. So let’s make gun safety and school safety a high priority in Annapolis. All of these measures have the support of the vast majority of Americans, although it must be said that Americans’ views on these matters are complicated and vary by political party and by geography. These statistics were published by Gallup in June 2022, based on polls from 2019 to 2022 by Gallup, Pew Research Center, and APM Research. Precents indicate the percentage of Americans in favor of each proposal:

  • Background checks on the acquisition of all firearms
    • 81% overall (70% Rep,92% Dem)
  • Oppose concealed carry without a permit
    • 79% overall (64% Rep, 91% Dem)
  • Ban assault weapons
    • 63% overall (37% Rep, 83% Dem)
  • Ban large capacity magazines
    • 64% overall (41%, Rep, 83% Dem)
  • Mental health restrictions
    • 87% overall (86% Rep, 90% Dem)
  • Family-initiated red flag laws
    • 77% overall (70% Rep, 85% Dem)
  • Police-initiated red flag laws
    • 70% overall (66% Rep, 78% Dem)

Most Americans expect legislators to implement reasonable school safety protocols. A large majority of Americans and of voters in both parties believe that guns should be permitted for hunters, sportsmen, collectors, marksmanship competitions, and personal defense. I personally belong to the Ruffed Grouse Society, an organization whose mission is to develop and protect habitat for ruffed grouse and American woodcock, both for their beauty and for hunting. The members are no less interested in the safety of our children.